Are you in a Historic District?

Congratulations! You now have a historic home in Albany, NY that is in a historic district. If you are in question about your district, please refer to the Historic District Map from the Historic Resources Commissions website.

What does that mean and how will that impact you?

The best case scenario is that your home is in perfect condition and the previous owner has updated everything beautifully and you are in the clear. That is wishful thinking. There is always a window that may need replacing or exterior painting that needs updating. The main thing to think about as you begin to look closely at the challenges ahead on fixing  your property is that you will have play by the rules. By this point, you have already acknowledged the property’s importance to its community, state and some people will argue to the NATION. However the initial impact for you can seem costly and time-consuming, but there are resources that can help you through the process. This goes without stating, Historic Albany Foundation can always guide you through these steps.

There are a few resources affiliated with the City of Albany to know about as you move forward
(be sure to click on the underlined portion)

1.  Historic Resources Commission
2. Buildings & Regulatory Compliance

So what are the next steps?

Here is a great resource put together by Preservation League of NY State.


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