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Vunlerable exterior parts of a historic home


The exterior diagram outlines the vulnerable elements of your home that are most susceptible to deterioration and drainage.  Before undertaking any kind of maintenance, repair or improvement, you should keep a record of the existing condition of your house. Typically you should check it every fall and spring to prevent small problems from worsening. Regular and through inspections are required to maintain a historic home.

Here is a typical Time Inspection Timetable that may be helpful to understand the frequencies of the inspections.


Developing a Maintenance Plan

  • Assess the condition of your property using an inspection checklist
  • Determine how often you will inspect each element
  • Identify which items you can appropriately inspect yourself
  • Identify those items for which you may need a professional to inspect the property
  • Maintain a list of qualified professionals, contractors, and tradesmen that may be contacted for advice, recommendations, or repairs.
  • Develop a timetable for maintaining, improving, and repairing items that need attention.