Technical Assistance

Property owners interested in restoring or rehabilitating residential or commercial buildings can receive such technical assistance as how to stabilize a structure or which paint color to select that is both historically significant and harmonious with the existing street- scape.

  • As an information clearinghouse, Historic Albany Foundation has the knowledge and experience to recommend reputable craftsmen for specialized work as well as information on exterior restoration such as railings, windows, and doors.
  • Historic Albany Foundation holds regular workshops, from hands-on window repair to informative sessions on architectural styles and old house ailments.
  • Historic Albany Foundation can assist property owners in obtaining grants for restorative work and provides information on local, state, and federal grants for preservation and restoration of local historic structures.
  • Technical Services staff can conduct home site visits on appointment, to provide an assessment of the property and offer technical advice on best practices for preserving historic buildings.
  • In cases where there is no alternative to demolition, Historic Albany Foundation salvages reusable building parts that would otherwise be lost. The Architectural Parts Warehouse, located at 89 Lexington Avenue, is the oldest continuously operating not-for-profit architectural salvage business in the country, with 10,000 square feet filled with everything from bath tubs to door knobs, mantles and mouldings to stained glass, all at affordable prices.

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